If you only knew how often we are faced with the fact that clients bring us fur coats not for professional care, but to bring back them to life! Over the years of working with fur, we saw different things: customers washed their fur coats in a washing machine or tried to wipe stains with some improvised chemistry, and then dried them on batteries!

We saw what happened to fur coats when they are stored on balconies (!!!) or in home basements. In the first case, we threw all our efforts into redyeing the product, since it burned out with spots, and then there was a complete re-design due to shrinkage. In the second case, we rolled the fur coat in special drums with tennis balls for softening and fattening, but we were not saved from black mold.

Therefore, learn from the mistakes of others and put the fur coats for spring-summer-fall in a professional fur refrigerators! We just have one. Fur coats are stored on special fur coat hangers, in breathable wardrobe trunks and at a temperature of about +6 degrees in a ventilated room.

Before taking it into storage, we recommend handing it over to our fur dry-cleaning or bio-cleaning , as well as making the necessary repair of the fur coat .


Love your fur coats and they will answer you with a long service!

Addresses and phones of reception points for cold storage:


Хранение меха. Хранение шуб. Хранение шубы. Меховой холодильник. Профессиональное хранение меха. Антимольная обработка. Химчистка меха.

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