Even the most beloved fur coat sooner or later may bother you. Then the question arises before each responsible person: what to do next? To give - is it a pity or to sell? - lose in money. In fact, everything is simple! You just need to alter a fur coat or update the appearance of a jacket or coat.

If you do not intend to change anything, but the coat clearly needs repair, then we also provide the service of repairing fur products. We can do absolutely everything, from the simplest works, such as replacing the lining, to the most complex re-designs.

Our professional furriers will find the perfect match of fur skins for you, if replacement is required and will carry out redrawing the fur coat.

Very often, before starting repair or redrawing a fur coat, dry cleaning or bio-cleaning is required.


Check out some of the work we have done for our customers!

We work with any fur types: sable, mink, chinchilla, astrakhan, lynx, rabbit, arctic fox, fox, etc. In addition, we sew from sheepskin, leather and fabrics. For each of the materials we have our own master, who has been honing his skills for many years.

If while reading you thought up that you want to sew a new mink or

sable fur coat, you can find out more here.

We provide a full cycle of services for individuals and corporate entities.

Rustaveli Street, 10 k.2

Opening hours 9:00-18:00

days off: Saturday and Sunday

Tel .: +7 495 618 18 07 ; +7 967 018 89 14

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Шуба из меха норки. Норковая шуба. Перекрой норкой шубы. Ремонт норковой шубы. Ремонт и перекрой шубы из норки.

We re-designed the mink coat and combined it with a down jacket. 

And here we added a luxurious collar made of a black metallized Finnish raccoon to the customer’s park. 

Парка с мехом. Опушка из финского енота. Меховая опушка. Меховой воротник из енота. Пришить опушку. Купить опушку из меха.