In our company we have professional furriers with 30 years of woek experience. Therefore, we, like no other, are able to produce for you the perfect pompons of any size from any fur and color. We have extensive knowledge of how to cut fur in such a way that consumption is lower and output is greater! We understand how important the price and quality of the product you receive is important.

In order to make a calculation, find out the color palette, just contact us:

+7 967 018 89 14


We also placed a price list for the 2020 collection. All pompons and even more are available as samples. You can familiarize yourself with them before placing an order.


Важная информация!

В связи с повышением курса $, мы приняли решение сохранить курс внутри нашей компании на уровне 1$ = 65 руб.

Цена в У.Е. приравненная к курсу ЦБ $ CША