We are pleased to present you a new collection of trimmings 2020. For the first time, we are showing a "already-made" version of how a fur trimmings should look, for example, on the hoods. We used various materials to show how the fur can be combined with them.

In our collection we present the most popular fur trimmings from Bluefox, Finnraccoon, beaver, Russian wolf, coyote. And we also used mink, badger, marten, sable - to emphasize the exclusivity of your future collection, which may include these furs.

You can choose any option you like or order your own. In order to make you our best offer - tell us which fur you are interested in, what sizes of the fur trimmings you need and the required amount of batch.

Write or call us:

+7 967 018 89 14

All options are available, you can always familiarize yourself with them to make a final decision on the order. For your convenience, we have placed a price list.

In addition, we can make fur collars in different sizes and any fur, according to your order.

If you want more choice, then pay attention to our collection of hoods.

Использование меховых воротников и опушек в зимних изделиях придает им солидный, изящный, дорогой внешний вид. Такие дизайнерские элементы станут прекрасным украшением для любого пальто, куртки или шубы, сделав их изысканным и стильным. Опушка и воротник – это не только про красоту, но и про практичность. В самый холодный зимний день вы не замерзнете, благодаря натуральным, качественным опушкам и воротникам, идеально подходящим под ваш стиль и образ жизни.


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