What is BIO-cleaning and what is it for?


Bio-cleaning is the manual cleaning of a fur coat without the use of chemicals. The technician uses only natural balms based on extracts of herbs and plants. When cleaning a fur coat, the technologist works only with fur, without affecting the skin part of the fur.

Bio-cleaning is absolutely harmless and the fur coat can be cleaned after each season, this is a real SPA for a fur coat.

Such furs as chinchilla, lynx, sable - especially need this way of cleaning, as the structure of the skin and hair are very sensitive to the negative effects of chemistry.

If you think that dry cleaning is more suitable for your coat, then you can find out more about dry cleaning of fur coats here .

There are only pluses in bio-cleaning, let's discuss them:

📌NO chemistry!

- we extend the life of a fur coat

- cleaning without chemicals that kill fur and leather☠️
📌Professional technologist works with your product

from top to bottom

- manual fur cleaning 🙌🏼

- balms gently cleanse hair without aggressive effects

📌NO need to remove the lining, bio is perfect for 

embroidered fur coats decoarted with exotic leather or stones,

sparkles, etc.

- respect for garment accessories
- personal technologist👩‍🔬👨‍🔬

Биочистка меховых изделий- это ручная чистка шубы без использования химикатов. В работе используются только натуральные бальзамы на основе экстрактов трав и растений. Во время чистки шубы, технолог работает только с мехом, никак не затрагивая кожевую часть шкурки. Биочистка шубы является абсолютно безвредной процедурой. Изделия из меха можно чистить после каждого сезона носки, это настоящее СПА для шубы. Такие меха, как шиншилла, рысь, соболь особенно нуждаются именно в этом виде чистки, так как их структура кожевой части и волоса очень подвержены негативному воздействию химии.

Love your fur coats and they will answer you with a long service!

Addresses and telephones of reception points in BIO-cleaning:

Rustaveli Street, 10 k.2

Opening hours from 9:00-18:00

days off: Saturday and Sunday

Tel .: +7 495 618 18 07 ; +7 967 018 89 14

(Please make a call for time reservation)

Marshal Zhukov av., 3

Astel Boutique

Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday from 10:00-20:00

Sunday from 11.00-17.00

+7 964 798 93 75 ; +7 929 519 18 88


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