WELLFUR company was established in 2017 and the main activity is the b2b productions and wholesale of fur accessories: trimmings, collars, pompons etc.

Professionals of the fur industry united under the WELLFUR brand engaged in the fur business for more than 30 years. We purchase furs at international fur Auctions and deliver them to Russia. We purchase semi-raw fur at SAGAFURS, KOPENHAGEN FUR, Fur Harvesters and Sojuzpushnina. There is there is always a huge selection of raccoon, fox, mink and other fur types of fur in our warehouse. The rich color palette allows you to choose the any colored fur to your collections. We follow fashion trends and offer our customers turnkey solutions. We use modern and professional German machines, and our experienced furriers select the necessary skins (size, quality, etc.), and also use advanced fur cutting techniques to reduce material  consumption and thereby reduce its cost. Over the years, managed to establish itself as a reliable supplier for most OUTDOOR companies manufacturing products in Russian Federation. WELLFUR presents its products on the international market, exporting its fur products to EU countries. WELLFUR core principles - Responsible Approach to all aspects of the making of the order, first of all, is the quality and deadline. As far as we have our own production centre we understand the importance of fulfilling agreements and always respects signed contracts.